How did the Enigma Machine work?

Watch the video clip here  By Kieron Bryan, The Telegraph 1:26PM GMT 15 Jan 2015 It was supposed to be the unbreakable code. But during World War Two, Nazi Enigma communications were successfully decoded by a team of mathematicians and problem-solvers inside Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire.   The Enigma... Continue Reading →

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Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar set to speak at the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference in Austin, TX on Aug 23, 2018

Glenn Hegar, Texas State Comptroller, has confirmed that he will address the delegates of the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference on August 23, 2018 at the JW Marriott in Austin. Mr. Hegar is set to discuss Texas’ State of the State, with an overview of the state’s financial position and trends impacting the state’s overall financial... Continue Reading →

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Gary La Branche, President and CEO of NIRI will be first speaker at NIRI Southwest Regional Conference

Gary A. LaBranche, FASAE, CAE, is President and CEO of NIRI. LaBranche previously served as the President & CEO of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). ACG serves 90,000 investors, lenders, executives and advisors to middle market companies, including 14,500 global members and 1,000 private equity firms. A global organization with 59 chapters, ACG’s annual revenue... Continue Reading →

Gold Sponsor Announcement – Virtua

Welcome to the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference! Virtua is a financial services technology company focused on providing platform-based analytical tools and services specifically tailored to the workflow needs of Investor Relations (IR) professionals and publicly traded issuers. Built upon years of buy-side and sell-side research experience, Virtua brings together a unique combination of investment knowledge,... Continue Reading →

Gold Sponsor Announcement – NYSE

Welcome to the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference! Today, we’re a Fortune 500 company that connects the largest community of participants in all major markets at key phases of the investing, trading, hedging and capital raising lifecycle. Our comprehensive markets, clearing houses and data solutions mean that we uniquely deliver more mission critical markets, risk management... Continue Reading →

Platinum Sponsor Announcement – EQS Group

Welcome to the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference! As a listed company with around 400 employees in 11 countries throughout the world, EQS understands the requirements of being a stock-listed company. We were pioneers in recognizing the potential of digitally implementing reporting obligations and disclosure requirements for stakeholders. In the past 16 years, we have become... Continue Reading →

Platinum Sponsor Announcement – Ipreo

Welcome to the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference! Ipreo powers the networks that connect capital to ideas. We are a leading global provider of financial services technology, data and analytics, supporting all participants in the capital-raising process, including banks, public and private companies, institutional and individual investors, as well as research, asset management and wealth management... Continue Reading →

IR presentation guru David Fine to host workshop at the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference on August 23, 2018

DAVID FINE is the principal of Fine Communications Inc. - a boutique firm specializing in high-quality investor presentations. Clients span virtually every industry and range in size from small, high-growth startups to some of the world’s largest companies. David brings over 25 years of senior investor relations and corporate communications experience as both a practitioner and... Continue Reading →

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